The Immune System: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The immune system: Don’t leave home without it.

Imagine your reaction when you open a fortune cookie and it reads, “Psychics will lead dogs to your body.” Sort of unnerving, huh? It is, if you don’t first roll over in gut-busting laughter. But, I’m told, that really did happen I don’t know the reaction of the person involved, but it could have been a bit uncomfortable. After all, why do we open the “fortune cookie” to begin with?

Anyway, people can be disturbed by things like thatand history is replete with such tales. As a physician, what amazes me is the fact we can be a bit uneasy about superstitious events but have no problem “leaving our immune systems” at home.

What do I mean? Let me explain.

Pollsters and advertisers tell us people will spend a fortune getting well, trying to cure or mitigate some disease or condition but will almost NEVER spend a dime PREVENTING disease or health conditions. This is a particularly important point when considering your immune system.

Again, as a physician, I was always amazed when I would tell someone what to do, as to NOT get sick again. Do you think they listened? Sometimes. But they ALWAYS spend a lot on getting well, if possible. That is particularly the case with immune system problemsand immune system problems are our biggest health worries, once they “hit” us.

When you go out into the world every day, try to remember you have an immune system designed to withstand the daily medical issues that afflict us. But, it needs help. Like any defense system, it needs replenishing so as to do its vital work. Immune system malfunction is at the root of most disease conditions.

But, that’s the problem. We can be superstitious about things which have no sound scientific basis to them. But, when warned about the potential failure of our body’s defense and replenishing systemthe immune system, we go on without taking heed.

The Immune system: Quidquid praecipies, esto brevis.

In case your Latin is a little rusty, “Whatever you teach, be brief.” A wise maxim. So I will herein live up to it. Here goes: “If your immune system suffers, you will too.” Let me repeat that another way, “If your immune system becomes over active or under activeyou could develop diabetes, cancer, arthritis, allergies, strep, bronchitis, tuberculosis and a host of immune system related conditions.

Solution? Well, given the scientific surge in glyconutritional research, the actual solution to these and many others has been, for many sufferers, glyconutritional products. Why? Glyconutrients are the key nutrients designed to strengthen the immune system.

But, why wait to get sick? Did you know that baby’s breast milk is loaded with glyconutrients? Given that, then it is a big non-surprise that their immune systems are well nourished and diseases often pass them by while others around them (including mama) are getting sick!

Did you know many plants (foods/herbs), which people from varying cultures have known about for centuries, actually aid the immune system? The following foods have been known for their “healing properties” over the centuriesand now, because of the boost given to the immune system of our bodies by the glyconutrients in themwe know why.

Immune system boosters: Aloe Vera, coconut, Astragalus, mushrooms (medicinal), Echinacea, some algae, garlic, pectin of fruits, some herbs, yeasts, maize, breast milk, certain saps, husks

Note the fact the immune system can be kept strong so as to furnish maximum defense when we need it. Why not GET glyconutrional support for your immune system and PREVENT the kinds of conditions that bog you down?

Why suffer from multiple bouts of flu and colds? They are due to an under active immune system.

Why suffer from repeated forays of strep? It too is due to an under active immune system. Get an immune system boost through glyconutrition.

How about those ear infections in junior? Ear infections are due also, in part, to under active immune system conditions. Give them a boost. Glyconutritionals are non-prescription. They are also non-toxic (They’re foods!).

Are you ready for the allergy season? Allergies are the response to over active immune systems. Don’t groan. Cursing the darkness never CURED anything. Glyconutrional supplementation modulates the immune system also. That’s a fancy way of saying the immune system is regulated by the glyconutrients.

What about those of us who have been literally tormented, embarrassed, fatigued and distressed by acute sinus infections? Sinusitis is due, in part, to an under active immune system. I don’t have to tell you what a relief PREVENTION would be. NOT GETTING sinusitis is well worth it. On the other hand, most of us will continue to wait until our immune systems fail uswe get sickmiss worksneezing all the time, excusing ourselves forever

All of us see the wisdom in preventing the “let down” our immune systems will suffer IF we do not provide the nutritional strength needed, just as surely as not having vitamin C will ALWAYS result in scurvy. Remember, glyconutrients are NOT new vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes. They are an entirely different nutrient. And they are food. Think NON-Prescription.

Of course, prevention is all it is “cracked up to be.” We see some expense (nothing like “sick bills” i.e. days lost at work, doctor’s visits, x-rays, prescriptions, weakness, suffering, etc.)We see no apparent results (how do you “see” your immune system anyway?)We stay healthy (because we aren’t sick to begin with!)and we decide there’s nothing happening, so we quit prevention, thinking all is well.

Watch out for fortune cookies.

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