Vegetarian Shoes

This is for all those who have sworn vegetarianism in their lifestyle. Have you ever heard before about vegetarian shoes? A lot of people have become vegetarian or are vegetarian because they are against the slaughtering of animals or they way they are treated for experiments and other industrial uses or their ill treatment all together. For them it is the minimum they can do towards the other fellow living beings and this kindness spills over in their lifestyle too. So for all such people news is around that there’s a company that manufactures these Vegetarian shoes.

Long ago in 1990, Robin Webb, a caring man decided to develop such vegetarian shoes that have absolutely nothing to do with slaughtering of animal. He knew a lot of what we use today is made from animal skin. Hence he wanted to help the poor animals through this way. This resulted in a dilemma for him as much of leather was being manufactured from slaughtering of animals specially cows. And the idea of vegetarian shoes did not go well with people.

Once he came across synthetic micro fiber material which was mainly used by yachting industry for upholstering yacht seats, this made him realize that he had an answer to his problem. The material was more supple just looked like leather but was definitely not un-breathable like other materials which were plastic based.

He started manufacturing all vegetarian shoes all by himself and hand made. Once comfortable with the material he started to make not only shoes but also boots, belts and sandals as well. The vegetarian community came to support his cause and he rose in popularity as a guy manufacturing animal loving footwear.

Today vegetarian shoes company has become an enormous success and won fame and appreciation among vegetarians who do not want to use anything that has been manufactured from animal skin. With the rise in the demand Mr. Webb had to open a factory for the manufacturing of vegetarian shoes and other products. But till date they remain very popular and liked by all vegetarians all across the globe.

Now they also have other products, apart from footwear. Today they manufacture animal friendly jackets, gloves and jeans as well. Boots, shoes and sandals it is all in all vegetarian shoes. They are based in Sussex, England. In case you are a vegetarian go ahead and grab a pair of vegetarian shoes.

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