Reasons to Quit Smoking 101 Funny & Not-so-Funny Incentives

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”– Archimedes

Do you have a “long enough lever” in your life to quit smoking? With long list of reasons, you can do anything – even quit smoking.

(Ordered chronologically and by importance)

1.Wasting money on killing yourself

2.Smelling like an ashtray

3.Your bland taste buds

4.The embarrassing smoking smell of your

5.Even coffee tastes worst

6.Wondering if someone is going to get sick from riding in your “smoker’s” car

7.Your home won’t stink

8.The whizzing when you breathe

9.You alright get enough lung population by living in the city

10.You won’t have to move to the country to breath clean air

11.Poor circulation

12.Low energy

13.Feeling gorse

14.No amount of gum covers your ashtray breath

15.Yellow teeth

16.Yellow Stained fingers

17.Living an extra 7 years

18.Accomplishing what only 3.5% of smokers do a year*: quitting for a year or longer (According to the Surgeon General’s Report, 1990)

19.Grayish dull complexion caused by smoking

20.Preventing premature aging without surgery or fancy creams

21.Scaly skin caused by smoking

22.Having to look for a cigarette

23.Having to ask for a light

24.Those millions of thoughts about smoking

25.Wasting time planning your smoke breaks

Reasons to Quit Smoking

26.Experiencing panic-attacks when you’re not able to have a cigarette

27.Freezing outside in bad weather

28.Having money to go back to school, work less hours, or go a vacation

29.Extra money to purchase gift’s for loved ones

30.Hanging out with the mostly unhealthy and pessimistic “smokers” crowd

31.No energy to exercise

32.Three words “sex, impotence, loser”

33.Not being able to a flight climb stairs without losing your breathe

34.The “a smoker” unhealthy life style

35.Low self-confidence of being a smoker

36.People looking down on you for being a ‘smoker’

37.Being turned down for life insurance

38.Potential employer not hiring you because you’re a smoker

39.Not being able to find an apartment because no one wants to rent to smokers


41.All the interruptions in your life

42.Less running around

43.The negative drain of being addicted to something

44.Non-smoker hate kissing smokers, and most likely will NOT

45.The thought of harming your unborn baby

46.Second-hand smoke kills family members too

47.75% of children who smoke because their parents do

48.Teens that smoke are seven times more likely do elicit drugs

49.Trips to the convenience store in the middle of the night

50.Waking-up in the middle of the night just to have a smoke

Reasons to Quit Smoking

51.Craving a cigarette and being irritated if you don’t get one

52.Less time to spend with your family

53.Less time inhaling toxic poisons

54.Less time inhaling other smokers second hand smoke

55.Never having to sit in another smoke filled room

56.Feeling and looking younger

57.The smell smoke in your hair

58.The smell smoke in your clothes

59.A toxic and cancer filled body

60.Aching joints

61.Muscle pains

62.That constant nagging cough

63.Getting a “colds” all the time

64.A weak immune system

65.Only being able to date less-than-perfect smokers

66.Burning holes your clothes

67.Worrying about burning down your home

68.Worrying about burning down some one else’s property or home

69.Encouraging your children to play with fire

70.Having money to go on “date night” to dinner and the movies

71.Time to start a new hobby

72.Time to start an exercise program

73.Time to clean your body out

74.Finally throwing clothes with burn holes in them

75.Smoking causes infertility

Reasons to Quit Smoking

76.Your baby will thank you

77.Your breast milk will be safe to drink

78.All of your family members will be proud of you

79.All of your friends will be proud of you

80.All of your co-workers will be proud of you

81.Having lunch money every day now

82.You won’t ever be called ‘a smoker’ again

83.Having to bum cigarettes from others

84.Worry about going for a long time without a smoke like in a movie or on a plane

85.Sleepless nights

86.The sad fact your first thought in your day is about “smoking”

87.You’ll instantly be sexier and more attractive to people even non-smokers

88.No more excuses about not quitting

89.Literally not being able to smell the roses

90.Other people thinking you’re dim-witted

91.Losing creditability as an professional or expert because of your dumb habit

92.Your mom never asking you to quit again

93.Having the title of “ex-smoker”

94.Quitting before you get cancer or die

95.Proving all those people wrong who said “you’ll never quit”

96.Dying a peaceful death

97.Giving the athletic performance advantage to the non-smokers

98.Burning holes in your carpets

99.Cleaning ashtrays

100.Cleaning up spill tobacco in your purse or desk

101.Hiding the fact you still haven’t quit yet

Right now, please write out your top 10, print it them off, or email them to a friend. I hope you found a long list of reasons to quit smoking now, long enough to easily quit smoking today.


1US Surgeon General’s Report, 1990, p. vi

2According to the American Cancer Society, the average economic costs of smoking are estimated to be approximately $3,391 per smoker per year

*** According for the average inflation cost of Cigarettes

**** U.S. Fire Administration. A Profile of Fire in the United States, 1989-1998. 2000. Available online at:

5Smoking 25 cigarettes (one pack) a day for an average 4 minutes (smoking and traveling to the designated smoking spot) equals 608 hours and 20 minutes of conscious time per year.

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