I Like Smoking Cigarettes ???

This is a great way to understand why we are smoking Let’s try to define what is beautiful in smoking. Then we will try to understand the real reasons, and find out our excuses. I believe that this will help research our habit in a more profound way, and give us a new perspective on our being, our emotions, our own programming and conditioning, which on the long run surely will produce great results.

Be 100 % sure that results will come after researching and trying to quit smoking. The only unknown thing is how long it will take for you to make that little “click” when you will really decide that it’s enough. But you have to make that first step, to start research and trying to quit smoking.

I believe that there is some pleasure in smoking, mainly pleasure in enjoying with me alone. For example I can work and enjoy, I can relax when I want to, because the trigger in my brain tells me that I can feel relaxed with my cigarette, I can easily program my brain to feel pleasure whenever I want to. Wow, this sound like cigarettes are nice hobby that everyone wants to have it. However, the truth is that you’re killing yourself, so in a way you are shorting your pleasure in the long run. There is also the question of freedom, which tells us that there can be no free man or woman who is controlled by some habit.

So, what do you think? What is interesting in smoking cigarettes? Why do smokers smoke? Is there anything beautiful in puffing? What are the good feelings? What do non-smokers missing to experience and enjoy?

I’m expecting all smart people to give there opinion. These are hard questions, so try to give your best, and don’t be afraid to be honest that’s not good for you.

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