What Causes Tinnitus?

What Causes Tinnitus?

Though tinnitus can develop at any time, researchers have been able to identify several common factors among those who have the condition. Within the ear, each person has a nerve that enables hearing. At the end of that nerve are tiny nerve endings. When those tiny nerve endings get damaged, the results can be tinnitus and hearing loss.

Hearing loss can occur first – before the symptoms of tinnitus – and actually then result in tinnitus. One of the main causes of hearing loss is prolonged exposure to sounds louder than the auditory nerve can handle.

Rock music concerts, jobs working with loud machinery such as jack-hammers, even lawn mowers, and chain-saws and of course, shooting guns. It is when the decibels are too high it can damage the nerves in the ear cause hearing loss.

When working with loud noises it is important to protect your hearing hearing wearing ear plugs or industrial ear muffs or both. And yes, you can attend a rock concert with ear plugs and hear the music! Prevention is far better than a cure.

Some loss takes effect immediately – you might notice a ringing in your ears after leaving a concert. Other losses will show up years down the road.

Some medications can cause hearing loss. Even over the counter drugs like aspirin can greatly increase the risk of hearing loss, according to one medical journal. If you are already experiencing a battle with tinnitus, make sure you read the side effects of all of the medications that you take and if you can, avoid ones that can cause hearing loss. These medicines can cause hearing loss because of the way they act on the auditory nerve.

Any kind of damage to the ear has the potential to cause tinnitus. Getting hit in the head or near the ear can cause damage because the cells are very fragile and easily injured. Other causes of tinnitus often don’t raise any red flags at first. Ear infections, especially repeated ear infections, can cause tinnitus. Ear infections can cause the eardrum to rupture, which in turn can cause tinnitus.

Even the foods you eat can aggravate tinnitus – as can any undiagnosed or diagnosed medical condition. Sometimes tinnitus has a specific reason, and those cases are more easily treated.

Tinnitus that’s related to allergies can often be relieved by taking allergy medications. For people who have difficulty with blood pressure balance, tinnitus can be treated by bringing the blood pressure under control.

Still other causes of tinnitus are endocrine related. A malfunctioning thyroid, for example can cause tinnitus. Using certain medications to treat conditions can bring on tinnitus, but this type usually goes away once the medication is discontinued.

Conditions that cause problems with the temporomandibular joint of the jaw can lead to tinnitus. The muscles used in the jaw are connected with a common nerve shared by the ear. A more rare cause of tinnitus can be a tumor growing on the nerve in or around the ear.

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