Tinnitus Natural Remedies

There is nothing new about tinnitus.

The condition has existed for centuries and was recorded to affect people as early as the 1600s. Some very famous people had a struggle with the condition.

Beethoven, who composed such beautiful music, wrote about his ears constantly whistling and buzzing. Michelangelo, famous for his beautiful art portrayed in the Sistine Chapel, wrote about the sound in his ears.

Regardless of who you are, having to live with a ringing in your ears isn’t a whole lot of fun. It can be mildly distracting or it can so problematic that you can’t enjoy life the way you once did.

For those who struggle with the condition of tinnitus, there are easy remedies available that can give you some much-needed relief. Whenever your body is dealing with a health issue, the first area you should look at is what you’re putting into your body.

Getting relief for your tinnitus might be as simple as making some dietary adjustments. In that case, you would simply look for foods that have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Such benefits can be found in foods like salmon (for the Omega 3), green tea, sweet potatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Using garlic or apple cider can help with tinnitus too, in some cases.

Home remedies also include taking a natural antioxidant in supplement form that can boost the effectiveness of the immune system. Using remedies found at the health food store, such as Ginkgo Biloba, can help with the dizziness that often goes hand in hand with tinnitus.

Creating a homemade nasal spray can be effective as a treatment for tinnitus. To make a homemade nasal spray, combine a pint of water (use warm, not cold), a teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of salt. Mix the ingredients together in a small spray bottle and use the way you would a nasal spray.

Another remedy is aromatherapy – a natural remedy that’s been used successfully in the treatment of tinnitus. Using a diffuser, choose oils like rose or Cypress to scent the air. Lavender is helpful too, and is a natural therapy that can help the body to regenerate cells.

The list of natural remedies for relief from tinnitus includes taking minerals or using herbs. Sometimes having a vitamin deficiency can result in tinnitus. So if you’re suffering from tinnitus, having your vitamin levels checked by your doctor can be a step toward finding healing. Using sound therapy can also help cure tinnitus. You may have to try more than one remedy to find the one that works for you.

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