Are There Cures for Tinnitus?

Are There Cures for Tinnitus?

People joke about the voices in our heads, but when it comes to ringing in the ears, that’s no laughing matter for the millions who have tinnitus. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to manage or cure the condition.

A safe and simple solution to start with is through home treatment options. These are options that include using only natural products like minerals or vitamins. Acupuncture is also a natural remedy for tinnitus. Even though you might not think so, acupuncture is a very relaxing way to treat tinnitus.

Another treatment for tinnitus is found through the use of hearing aids. Though it might seem odd, using hearing aids can help cure tinnitus because the hearing aids can work on the same pitch level as the noise caused by the condition.

Many people turn to relaxation techniques to help relieve their tinnitus symptoms. One of the techniques that falls under the relaxation category is biofeedback. Learning about biofeedback has helped many people with tinnitus as well as other chronic conditions. This is a form of alternative medicine in which patients learn use mind over body control to gain desired results over the body’s functions.

Dealing with tinnitus can be very stressful and cause a lot of negative thoughts and feelings, which are completely understandable. Negative thoughts and feelings can add a lot of stress, but there is help.

Therapy or counseling with someone who knows how to offer solutions to those who deal with chronic conditions can also be very helpful toward curing tinnitus. Because pain can cause negative reactions within our bodies, therapy is helpful in teaching people how to handle and deal with the negative reactions. It can help to change the way people think about their condition and help them take a more positive approach.

Many people also find help through the use of a noise machine or other devices that can produce what’s known as white noise. White noise can cover most sounds because it contains a variety of sound frequencies.

Users can tune out the noise caused by the tinnitus because the white noise covers it. Some people who have tinnitus listen to looped recordings of ocean waves crashing or the sound of rain.

Another way to tune out the noise is with hypnosis. Hypnosis is also a natural and quite successful method to treat the symptoms of tinnitus. Hypnosis tunes out the noise and effectively turns the noise off so you are no longer hearing it. It can be a quick and inexpensive solution and you do not need to have a treatment with a hypnotherapist, as hypnotic MP3 downloads have shown to be quite effective. 

Another cure for tinnitus can be found through the use of craniosacral therapy. This is a form of alternative medicine and is done by someone skilled in massage therapy. Some chiropractors know how to perform this therapy.

For people who haven’t been able to find success using any of the more natural remedies, doctors can prescribe medications like antidepressants for the relaxation benefits that can help relieve the symptoms associated with tinnitus.

A safe and simple solution to start with include using only natural products like minerals, vitamins or herbal supplements. This product is an inexpensive mix of vitamins, plants and herbs — consisting of hibiscus, hawthorn berry, olive leaves ,vitamin B3 ,garlic ,vitamins B12, B6, Buchu leaves, green tea, juniper berry, uva ursi could help support healthy hearing.

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