Women Who Like To Gain Weight – Muscle Mass

With so much of the world seemingly obsessed with weight loss, it may seem strange to consider that there are actually men and women who are desperate to gain weight. For one reason or another they find themselves at less than desirable weights. Just as with having too much excess weight, not having enough weight can present various physical and emotional challenges. The good news is that there are things that can help women who like to gain weight.

For women who need to gain weight there are some things that they need to consider. For example, there are only two ways you can put on weight, either by gaining fat or by gaining muscle. You really don’t want to gain fat because of all the health issues associated with having too high a percentage of body fat. Even if your overall weight isn’t too high, if your body composition is made up of high concentrations of fat, it’s still not a healthy situation.

Also, fat can form all over your body and it may not be distributed evenly. You don’t want to put on a big fat pad right on your stomach while your arms stay skinny, that wouldn’t look good on anyone.

The better alternative is to put on a lot of lean muscle. Now, before I go any further, I want to clear up a very common misconception: it’s virtually impossible for a woman to ‘bulk up’ by doing weight training exercises unless she is taking drugs. Women simply do not have the biology that will enable them to get really bulky looking. The women you see in the fitness magazine are either taking some sort of supplement and/or they are working out full time and eating much cleaner than the average person would be willing to do. Don’t forget, that is their job, it isn’t yours. You simply won’t be that motivated so you won’t bulk up.

What you can do is get a fabulously toned physique that will make everyone at the beach sit up and take notice. This is the only real option for anyone who wants to put on some more weight so they don’t look gaunt and skinny.

Another mistake many people make when it comes to their workouts is spending too much time on boring, and largely ineffective, cardio machines. You see it all the time at the gym, people who are sweating away on the treadmill or elliptical for hours on end. The problem is that that isn’t the optimum way to workout. Your body is smart and it learns. When you do the same old exercise over and over again your body isn’t challenged to advance. It ‘knows’ from past experience what you’re going to do and that you have enough strength to do it so it won’t grow. If you want your body to grow (I mean in cardiovascular strength, not actual size) than you need to challenge it. That way your body will make the needed changes so you can get through the next workout.

So, for you women who like to gain weight, be careful of the type of weight you gain. You don’t want to just pack on pounds of fat, you want to focus on building a lot of lean muscle so that you can have the tight, toned body that everyone wants.

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