I Want A Proform Treadmill. Are They Any Good?

The Proform treadmill is possibly one of the best-known names in exercise equipment. Produced by that behemoth of fitness equipment manufacturing, Icon Fitness, the Proform treadmill is often seen as synonymous with sturdy construction and reliability. While many treadmill experts do indeed rate the Proform range highly, for every positive Pro Form treadmill rating you will find, it seems there is a corresponding review that reports consumer dissatisfaction with the Proform treadmill line.

Some quick research will reveal many a positive treadmill rating for the Proform range. The construction of the Pro Form treadmill range is considered by those in the know to be excellent, and these treadmills are also deemed to offer a good motor. The electronic readouts that they provide are consistently clear and easy to use. As a company with a relatively long history in treadmill construction, Proform treadmills have developed many innovations, such as the adjustable deck cushioning that is available with some treadmills, and the likes of the scissor type arms included in Pro Form’s CrossWalk treadmill, which provides the user with the same upper body workout that is afforded by an elliptical machine. These innovations have helped distinguish Proform treadmills from their treadmill competition. But are these factors enough to secure a top-notch treadmill rating?

It would seem that this is not necessarily the case. Despite the many exercising advantages offered by the Proform treadmill, it is not difficult to find many a consumer treadmill rating that reports great disappointment with a Pro Form treadmill purchase. There exists an apparent consumer treadmill rating consensus that Proform treadmills lack the punch that was expected of them, and long term users report myriad reliability problems and poor customer service. Some users have even reported safety concerns with using a Proform treadmill, and even though certain issues have been resolved by the company by adding extra safety features to their newer treadmills, the older models remain as they were, so caution is recommended when purchasing a used Proform treadmill.

Overall, the Pro Form treadmill offers a good package of features, including a range of innovative designs not available with other treadmill brands. Proform are not, however, deemed the most reliable make of treadmill available in today’s fitness equipment market place, and with relatively short warranty periods and questionable customer service, the treadmill ratings tell us that a Proform treadmill might not be the wisest investment for the serious exerciser.

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