Horizon Treadmills Great Product, Lousy Service

There is a general consensus in magazine ratings of treadmills that Horizon treadmills offer a great fitness package for exercisers at any level. With a range of great workout features, including a specially cushioned running belt and easy to use interactive controls to help you get the most out of your workout, consumer reports of treadmills almost uniformly rate Horizon treadmills in a positive way. There is however one exception, something that throws a spanner in the consumer reports: treadmills are only as good as the customer service that supports them, and magazine ratings of treadmills report that this is where Horizon treadmills fall short.

While the magazine ratings of treadmills produced by fitness equipment experts might not be concerned with the customer service offered by a treadmill manufacturing company, the same is certainly not true of consumer reports. Treadmills are, like any other electronic device you might buy for your home, subject to faults, and while Horizon treadmills, for the most part, offer a reliable product and might not display many of these flaws, they are sometimes susceptible to them. While Horizon treadmills might provide a great workout when they work, an important point is raised by consumer reports: treadmills that remain broken for a protracted period do not provide the optimum workout and with poor customer service, broken treadmills don’t get fixed fast.

Though they usually rate Horizon treadmills positively, magazine ratings of treadmills report that the company’s customer service is not as good as the machine itself. One reviewer points out that Horizon treadmills are one of the best available in their price range unless they break. While magazine reviews usually cite Horizon treadmills as being reliable, it seems that when they fail securing replacement parts and a repair person to fit them can be difficult.

There is little as frustrating as having to stop working out when you are on course to meet your fitness goals. While there is little doubt that Horizon treadmills offer a combination of features that add up to a great workout, but the reliability of the company’s customer service is an important part of the treadmill package. If Horizon treadmills are the one for you, be sure to find all the relevant repair contact numbers before you happen to need them, and if the Horizon treadmills’ service is unsatisfactory, be sure to stand your ground so that you can stay on course with your fitness goals.

A great treadmill and great service should go together, but don’t always seem to.

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