water with lemon for weight loss

So many people today find themselves in a position where they need to lose weight, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. For this reason many are turning to water with lemon for weight loss since every little bit helps.

There are many reasons why this can help you with your weight loss goals. The first, and most obvious reason, is that our bodies need water, lots of it. It’s estimated that over half of the population in the U.S. is suffering from mild dehydration. Today it seems we will drink anything but water. Many people complain that they don’t like the ‘taste’ of water. The fact is that you can train yourself to like, or dislike, any type of food or drink. Learning to like water is just a habit, and it’s a good one to get into.

Other benefits of drinking more water, beyond keeping your body hydrated, also include the feeling of being full. If you drink a big glass of water before every meal you will automatically be eating less since the water itself will help you feel more full.

Water will also help you detox your body and flush out all those toxins that can build up when we eat, or drink, too much of the wrong things. As a detoxification, lemons can’t be beat.

If you drink really cold water the benefit is compounded since the body will have to work harder (which will stoke your metabolism and make it burn hotter) to heat up the water you’ve ingested. Again, it’s like a two for one!

The lemon will amp up the great results you can get with drinking water. Of course lemons, and all citrus fruits, are loaded with wonderful vitamin C, but beyond that many people believe that lemons can actually help ramp up your metabolism too, just like cold water can.

Lemons will also add some flavor to your water, and lack of flavor is one of the main things people complain about when it comes to drinking water. A little lemon added to your water, whether you drink it warm, hot or cold, can improve the flavor while it adds a lot of healthy and metabolism boosting vitamins.

To get the maximum benefit you should get in the habit of sipping water, warm or cold, throughout the day and add a lemon wedge to each glass you drink. A good way to start your day is to get a whole lemon, thoroughly rinse off the peel, and slice it for use throughout the day. Every time you get a glass of water your lemon is right there ready to be added. By getting the lemon cut up and cleaned first thing in the morning you are making it less likely that you will forget to add it during your day.

Getting into the habit of sipping lemon water throughout your day is one of the easiest, yet most beneficial, things you can do for your weight loss efforts. So if someone asks you if water with lemon for weight loss is any good you can say, “yes, just look at me!”

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