Water Fasting for Weight Loss

It’s kind of a weird thing in our society but everyone wants a quick fix yet if something seems too easy they don’t believe it can work!?! When it comes to water fasting weight loss, people tend to think that in order to get any benefit they need to fast for 3, 5, or even up to 7 days to get results. The fact of the matter is that just 24 hours of water fasting can not only help you detoxify but it can also help you along on your weight loss goals.

Doing a 24 hour water fast once or twice a month can allow your body to not only detoxify but also allow much needed energy (that would normally be used to digest your food) to be sent to other areas of your body to make needed ‘repairs’.

To get the most out of your fasting, and do it safely, follow these simple tips:

1. First of all you need to decide what day you want to do your fast on. Obviously, you want to make sure you pick a day where you don’t have a dinner or lunch date with a friend! A day when you’re not going to be overly busy is a good idea too since you don’t want to strain your body by working it overly hard with no solid food. Pick the exact time frame of your fasting day, say from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. the next day for example.

Picking your day ahead of time will also give you time to get your mind around the whole idea. When it comes to success most things in life require at least a little bit of mind over matter. Give yourself time to get psyched up.

2. The day before your fast take some time to prepare. If you’ve already followed step one you should have your head in the right place, now you need to prepare physically. Eat normally the day before. If you try to gorge yourself to make up for the lack of food the next day, you’ll only feel more hungry since you’ve gotten your body used to eating more, not less.

3. On the day and time of the fast spend your day in quiet reflection. Fasting can have many spiritual as well as physical benefits. Take full advantage of this ‘downtime’ to concentrate on some aspect of your life where you are struggling. The day of the fast is a good time for introspection and thought, or prayer. Of course, it should be obvious by now you will only be drinking water throughout the day… no food.

4. When your fasting day is over it’s time to get something to eat, but if you don’t do this step right you may end up making yourself sick and /or cramping up. Instead of trying to eat a big, or even a normal, size meal try eating something light such as juice. Than a few hours later you can eat something slightly more filing such as soup or a salad (although you should stay away from high fat salad dressings or soups), some vegetables or rice.

The second full day after your fast you can eat your normal daily diet. Repeating this cycle once, or several times a month, can help you keep your system running optimally as well as decrease the number of toxins you have in your system. Just make sure to follow all of these water fasting weight loss tips so your fasting is as effective and safe as possible.

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