Distance Running

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Distance Running and the Olympics

One of the oldest track events included in the ancient Olympics is the long-distance run. By definition, any distance event of at least two kilometers is counted as distance running. Endurance is of paramount value in this competition. Like low-fuel F1 race cars, competitors must sustain their energies so as […]

Getting Set for Distance Running

Training is an essential part of every athlete’s life. It dictates how he will perform on the grand stage of the sporting event he has chosen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ball player or a budding swimmer you have to pay your dues in training in order for your […]

Nutrition And Distance Running

Unlike other sports people, distance runners need carbohydrates for their nutritional needs in the endurance sport of distance running. While other sports like, say weightlifting that rely mostly on proteins, runners depend heavily on carbohydrates. The main reason, of course, is that different sports have different goals. Weightlifting, for instance, […]

Training Methods In Distance Running

Distance running and its several methods of training is as diverse as the practitioners of the sport itself. For those already in the running, the early season training is for repair of weak areas while the late season one is for focusing and cultivating on the runner’s strengths. Coaches and […]

Distance Running And The Marathon

The marathon, named after the real place in Greece where it started, stands out as the most well-known among all the distance running lengths. Set at the standard 26.2 miles (42.165 kilometers), the marathon had been the centerpiece of the Olympics for a long time, although of late this had […]

Distance Running: Tools of the Trade

As with any sport, it is important to make sure that you have the right tools when you take up distance running. Those aspiring to reach their goals can always benefit from getting the gear and accessories that will augment their strength, speed, stamina, and motivation. Running Clothing Appropriate running […]

Training for Distance Running

Distance running is a very popular activity. It isn’t just an effective endeavor for physical fitness. It is also a great way to make acquaintances and meet new friends. However, one can’t just merely step into the world of distance runners without being prepared for the sport-whether that’s physical or […]